I'm a game developer and game designer currently based in France.

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About me
My name is Lionel, and ever since I've played my first level of Super Mario Bros on the NES, I've been an avid gamer. Like many of us, I only found one thing to be better than playing games, and that was making them ! I pursued a Master of science degree specialized in game development and producing at ITESCIA, a school in the Paris Region, where I had the opportunity to learn more about game development and design, while also exploring 3D modeling, sound design, producing and how to lead a small team. On a more personal level, I am very fond of smaller, indie titles, especially of the rogue-lite genre (think The Binding of Isaac, Slay the Spire, or Monster Train). I am also a huge fan of board games, as they allow to spend quality time with my friends and family !
To me, video games are all about having a good time. I value the social aspect of games, as well as their unique innovative use of technology. That's why I made games such as Twocan, a couch co-op platformer, and The Book of Gaia, a groundbreaking Augmented Reality wave shooter for iOS and Android. While making a game, I'm especially interested in implementing features and mechanics that players will have fun with, and that feel great to execute.
After completing a DUT Informatique (Equivalent to an Associate's Degree or a Diploma of Higher Education, specialized in software development) in Amiens, I chose to further my studies at ITESCIA, a school in the Paris Region, under an apprenticeship program. During my three years stay at ITESCIA, I had the opportunity to learn more about software development as a whole, but more specifically game development. I am familiar with a large array of programming languages (C#, Java, Javascript, NodeJS...), source control, continuous integration pipelines, database management (relational models).
Thanks to the apprenticeship program, I had the opportunity to also gather a significant amount of real work experience. On a month-on, month-off basis, I worked for two years as a regression test developper at Isagri, a company providing software and hardware solutions to the agricultural and accounting fields. I also worked at a top asset management firm (Lyxor) for a year in Paris, La Défense, as a software developper, tasked with enhancing software and developing new features, in direct contact with my clients.